What is LoreGuide?

We believe LoreGuide is an idea with great potential.  The more we dive into it, the more it evolves, so its hard to boil it down into a one-size-fits-all description.  That said, here's our best attempt,

LoreGuide is a relational database of distinct types of community-related content, in which we've organized broad "frames" of ideas rather than the content itself, in order to automatically link the content together around the ideas held in common.

Here are some of the more general aspects that have emerged thus far:

a Response

We believe that in the face of converging ecologic and economic crises, the challenge is not just to become sustainable, but more resilient.  Honoring the many qualities that distinguish our community is a good place to start. 

We believe a community’s resilience is based on the quantity and quality of the relationships that weave it together. Our efforts to illuminate the patterns of these relationships required tools and strategies beyond the available options. LoreGuide is our attempt to organize and disseminate the inspiring array of stories, resources, and ideas we’ve gathered.

a Tool

LoreGuide represents a systems-based approach to identifying and understanding the complex web of relationships and resources within our community. It relies on simple frameworks for organizing distinct types of content around common ideas. The design enables different users to interact with the information in different ways according to their individual needs and interests. It merges a simple database approach with the emerging technologies of web-based content management systems and search algorithms. This connects users to a variety of related content through a dynamic interface. On the front end, content submission is simplified because the relationships (links) are determined automatically by the search algorithms.  

a Strategy

While the primary purpose of LoreGuide has been to organize the information we’ve gathered, we also intend to use it as a platform for networking and building relationships with community organizations. By using unique “frames” to organize common ideas rather than the actual content, we can plug the organizations and their content in relationally (through its association with specific ideas) rather than hierarchically.  This approach facilitates connecting organizations outside of their customary disciplines and “silos” without having to dilute their central focus.  We can direct users to their stories, needs, and favorite external resources as easily as their mission statements and contact info. With these many contributions in place, we'll be better able to map community systems and identify weaknesses as well as strengths.

a Resource

As well as an organizing tool and networking platform, we hope that LoreGuide will be used by the community as a resource guide. We hope that it will become a one-stop-shop for people seeking to connect the ideas they care about to like-minded initiatives and related resources... we don't need google in order to surf our own community!

By highlighting wiki-style links throughout the text, identifying related topics for each entry, and visually arranging topics in relational "frames", LoreGuide also offers a resource for education.

an Opportunity

(social enterprise and livelihood, a platform for other communities, community-led mapping and reporting)