The Goshen Theater

The Goshen Theater is owned by Downtown@808, however the church has come to the conclusion that the best way for the facility to be used is to return it to it's original purpose - providing entertainment for the surrounding region. Expect to see a wide variety of events at The Goshen Theater, from concerts and plays, to public speakers and civic forums, independent films and weddings.

To learn about the theater from an insider's perspective:

"A Cathedral of a Theater With Room for Coke, Popcorn and Necco Wafers" by Quinn Brenneke, Goshen Commons

​​Nate Butler, a musician and handyman, shares his vision for the downtown Goshen Theater, where he serves as the venue manager.

The Goshen Theater is currently being evaluated by the Goshen Theater Task Force with Downtown Goshen Inc.  Visit their site to read the Goshen Theater Redevelopment Study completed in 2012.