Miller's Cider Mill

Miller's Cider Mill 

55514 County Road 8

Middlebury, IN 46540


The mill usually opens late August - early September.

For 2013, they offered the following info:

  • minimum quantity: 3-4 bushels, but no more than 15 bushels
  • costs for pressing likely to be <$1.50/gallon
  • plastic (milk style) jugs provided at about $0.30/jug ($0.10/jug if you bring your own clean, dry plastic jug) 
  • pressing occurs Tuesday and Friday morning by appointment
  • apples should be brought in clean containers... to be dumped by customers
  • they prefer apples to be harvested directly from the tree... off the ground ok if clean and looked over, but not if close to animal waste
  • they recommend checking the quality of the apples yourself first... they won't do it for you and they'ld prefer not to press bad apples
  • please remove twigs and leaves
  • the "waste" goes out to their pastures for animal feed
  • please dress modestly (consider pants, necklines, etc...)