Sherck's Heirloom Vegetables and Plants


We are a small eight acre farm located in the Bristol Fruit Hills. About half the property is intensively farmed. The other half is woods and left natural. We have been raising Heirloom vegetables since 1991 using strictly organic methods. The principal behind what we do is simple; the on-going exploration of food crop diversity using sustainable methods and materials. The techniques we use are as dynamic as the crops we raise. We settle for no one method until it has proven to be reliable, low-tech and cost effective, yet we are always trying ideas, both old and new to accomplish our work.

We offer vegetable transplants in the Spring.  All of our plants are raised on our farm from untreated, open-pollinated seed. The vast majority of varieties we grow are Heirlooms although we recognize and offer modern OP varieties developed by the new generation of plant breeders dedicated to open-pollinated seed and regionalized selections. We also raise and sell produce at our on-farm, self serve stand. The emphasis is primarily Heirloom Tomatoes, in season but we also offer many other fresh veggies ranging from romaine lettuce to ethnic peppers. Our third act is just opening. In the next few years we plan to offer our own regionalized seed for legumes and grains. This is part of an overall goal to assist local gardeners to learn how to include staple crops as well as perennial vegetables in their seasonal garden plan.

Here are the basic principles of “sufficiency growing” we practice.

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