Community Relations Commission

From the City of Goshen Community Relations Commission page

Created in 2004 with the passage of ordinance 4201, and amended in 2006 by ordinance 4339 and again in 2009 by ordinance 4526, the Goshen Community Relations Commission (CRC) is a group of 9 volunteer residents appointed by the City Council and the Mayor to focus on the “people issues” of our town. We are a group of individuals that is diverse in terms of ethnicity, gender, nationality, culture, political persuasion, religion, vocation and others.

The CRC meets at 7:00 PM the second Tuesday of every month at City Hall at 202 S. 5th St. in Goshen.

Our current strategic plan, against the backdrop of our mission to foster a climate of non-discrimination and equal opportunity, prioritizes the vision of a City in which positive community relations exist among it’s residents. To that end, the CRC is pursuing the following which are some of the elements of positive community relations: 

- healthy neighborhoods
- youth who develop and exhibit positive behavior
- resources being made available to the multiple people groups that exist
- residents and institutions which recognize and respect both similarities and differences that exist among people groups

We are pursuing development of these elements by:

- partnering with others (e.g., Peacemakers, Goshen Neighborhoods, The 
Intercultural Network).
- enhancing the role of the CRC as a communications vehicle
- supporting activities and programs that celebrate the people of Goshen

To contact the CRC directly call (574) 537-3839 x 358.