Greening the Bend

Our Mission

Greening The Bend seeks to bolster a renaissance in South Bend by promoting green spaces and human-friendly urban features that protect water and our River as a precious natural resource.  This will result in social, economic, and environmental benefits for the South Bend area.


The River we know today as the St. Joseph has a long history of sustaining humans who interacted with her.   In addition to the natural resources of Water, wildlife and plant food, she served as an important transportation route for Native Americans and early French fur trappers.   Native Potawatomi called the River "Sagwah zibi", a reference to the legend of a mysterious visitor said to arrive on the River's shore. The Potawatomi recognize women as life givers and the protectors of Water; our logo, depicting the bending river with green adornments, embraces this history and hope for our future.