Goshen Chamber LaunchPad

Local economy centers are a long-term goal for many Transition initiatives.  We're fortunate that something similar is already underway! The Goshen Chamber of Commerce has started a small business incubator to fulfill similar goals.

"The Chamber’s initiative, known as the Launch Pad, will be a center for entrepreneurs to evaluate business plans, receive advice from other experienced entrepreneurs and take advantage of administrative services provided by supporting and partnering organizations.  They will also have access to community copy machines, wifi and lounge areas."

("Chamber to Open Small Business Incubator" by Logan Miller, Goshen Commons, Sept. 27, 2012")

The Chamber has set up a Facebook site for the LaunchPad.  Or check out "Chamber's LaunchPad is a valuable part of the big picture" in the Goshen News, Oct. 31, 2012