Our Futures Together

"Maple City Heath Care Center is experimenting with the theory that good stories make good neighbors.

In the spring of 2010, we hosted the first Our Futures Together (OFT) group. Strangers met once each week for six weeks. In the beginning, their only known connection was living in the same geographic neighborhood.

Members of the group met to talk about what kind of future they want for children and steps to accomplish this future.

... 'To understand where we are, we tell stories about our families and our experiences in our neighborhood.' (Jason Shenk)

While it may seem odd that a health center would host neighborhood groups, the program fits Maple City Health Care Center’s mission to improve the health of our community.

'People who are lonely, stressed, and isolated tend to experience more illness and to be ill for longer periods of time,' said James Nelson Gingerich, the center’s executive director.

'Our expectation for OFT is that disparate people will establish and build relationships. Healthy relationships decrease stress and isolation.'"

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