The Groupee

The Groupee is a catalyst to promote community deepening that originated with a collection of Mennonites in Denver, Colorado for the broader church. Current participants span three states and six churches. The Groupee is a wooden token that is exchangeable for the time, labor and materials of other members of the community to facilitate mutual support.

The system opens the space for the release of greater productive capacity by the community by promoting the idea that the needs of all should be met. In our recent past most Mennonites were physical neighbors and the community systems to ask for and receive help, though informal, were a normal part of their lives; in our dispersed urban situation we find need to have a tool to help us similarly be community.

Communities were meant to share resources, support one another and build meaningful connections. While this is ideal, it is not always a reality. The Groupee intends to help create that space.

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