Changing Demographics and Growing Diversity in Goshen

A Report on the Impact of Changing Demographics and Growing Diversity in the City of Goshen: Issues, Challenges & Opportunities

In the fall of 2006, D3 Consultants was hired by the City of Goshen’s Community Relations Commission to conduct a study of the community regarding increasing diversity, focusing primarily on the demographic shifts and growing Hispanic population in the last 25 years. The purpose of the study was twofold: to gather data and perspectives on the impact of these trends, and to identify ways in which the community could more proactively and strategically anticipate the future.


This report does not attempt to suggest a consensus on these questions. Our aim is rather to provide a framework that documents the multiplicity of perspectives – their logic and their concerns – in order to achieve greater understanding. Regarding the demographic changes in Goshen, this report will 1) situate Goshen within an historical and national context (2) identify the substantive issues in current conversations (3) identify the assets and opportunities the community has to address these challenges and (4) offer a few recommendations as to how to move forward proactively and productively as a community. The findings of this report are by no means conclusive. They are, however, a starting point. It is our hope that this report will help Goshen move together constructively, while still valuing its diversity of opinions and contexts.


"Goshen has already demonstrated approaches to the “political controversy” and“cultural conflicts” that alleviate tensions rather than exacerbate them. While identifying concrete “solutions” will be difficult, Goshen has already begun the process, and can continue to move forward by examining the way we talk to each other. We have the energy, good will and capacity to continue conversations and make a better Goshen."


The full report is archived on the City of Goshen website here.