Community Funded - "Turning crowds into communities"

Our vision is a world empowered by connected communities. To realize this vision we created, a tool that connects communities and resources in extraordinary new ways. CF (Community Funded) allows individuals and organizations to share ideas with their local, online and extended communities; and to attract the resources and funding needed to turn these ideas into reality.

CF aims to engage and inspire an ever-growing community of individuals and organizations to come together and use our collective resources to support the things we love, find solutions to the problems we don’t, and re-energize our lives and communities. It’s time to dream big, because together we are.

How is CF different from “crowd funding” sites?

Community Funded is different from “crowd funding” websites because CF’s primary focus is to build connected, empowered communities. A community is any group of individuals who come together in communication and collaboration around common values and goals. CF was conceived, designed and built from the ground up to provide innovative tools that connect our communities and resources through the power of modern technology.  Community Funded focuses on systemic integration of its tools and not the one off funding concept of many other “crowd funding” websites.

What is Mega Community Collaboration (MC²)?

Mega Community Collaboration happens when motivated groups of individuals and organizations focus on common goals to maximize their community’s resources. Mega Community Collaboration occurs when multiple parties come together to fund, share, and offer giftbacks to assist a project in reaching its funding goal. MC2 occurs when you have at least three opportunities for involved parties to win-win-win. We believe Mega Community Collaboration is what sets Community Funded apart from traditional “crowd funding” platforms that only allow for win-win situations.

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