Goshen College Climate Action Plan

Goshen College is planning to sharply reduce and eventually eliminate all of its global warming emissions. To help stabilize the earth’s climate, the college is supporting research, implementation, and educational efforts outlined in this document.

Goshen College Climate Commitment 


Goshen College’s commitment to ecological stewardship grows out of our biblical understanding that we are to serve and protect the earth (Genesis 2:15). As a ministry of the Mennonite Church, we seek to practice what is taught in the Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective (1995) –– “As stewards of God's earth, we are called to care for the earth and to bring rest and renewal to the land and everything that lives on it.” 

One of Goshen College’s core values is Global Citizenship, which also underscores our commitment to ecological stewardship. Included in our articulation of this core value is the concept that, “In our academic program and campus life students will develop the knowledge, skills and values for a life of Global Citizenship with a responsible understanding of stewardship for human systems and the environment in a multicultural world.” 

The current 5-year strategic plan includes commitments to strengthening our sustainable and ecological practices. The plan states that, “Goshen College will establish an institutional culture committed to best practices. In each endeavor of this plan, we will seek models and methods that will keep us fresh and creative. We recognize the need to learn from the other individuals and institutions beyond our immediate campus community.” 

It is as a result of these foundational principles that we are committed to improving the integration of ecological stewardship in our academic programs and to reducing our ecological and carbon footprints as an institution of higher education.

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