Reduce Solid Waste - Goshen City Comprehensive Plan

from the Utilities, Energy, and Waste chapter of the Goshen City Comprehensive Plan

U-7 Goal

Reduce solid waste

U-7 Programs and Implementation
Explore forms of source reduction programs and implement the best
for Goshen, in these and other areas:

  • In house programs to encourage government to reduce volume and toxicity of waste they produce.
  • Policies and economic incentives to encourage reduction of consumer and business waste.
  • Education to encourage government, business, and residents to purchase low-impact products and participate in source reduction programs.
  • On-site business assistance programs to advise about using materials more efficiently, conserving resources and reducing waste generation.
  • Salvage and reuse programs that divert materials from waste collection by extending the useful life of products.
  • Backyard composting programs.