Grand Rapids Downtown Market

Goshen is fortunate to already have an indoor farmer's market operating year round.  The article below is presented to highlight the amazing resource that the Goshen Farmer's Market represents for our community, and emphasize the role that local food infrastructure can play in stimulating a more robust and resilient local economy.  This article also illustrates the importance of business collaboration and local investing to make redevelopment a reality.

A Michigan City Bets on Food for Its Growth

Published: November 13, 2012

“Next year, just in time for the fourth annual Restaurant Week, Grand Rapids is scheduled to open the $30 million, 130,000-square-foot Downtown Market, a destination that is expected to attract 500,000 visitors a year. The three-story brick and glass building, under construction in a neighborhood of vacant turn-of-the-20th century warehouses, is intended by its developers to be a state-of-the art center of commerce for the culinary arts and fresh local foods.” "The design plan for the Downtown Market includes space for food production and processing, a commercial kitchen to provide an incubator for new businesses and another to educate students in food preparation and healthful eating. A greenhouse will occupy the roof and two restaurants are planned. Enough space is available indoors and out for banquets, civic events and more than 60 vendors. The market was built with nontoxic materials, and has advanced systems for energy efficiency, natural lighting, waste management, recycling and water conservation."

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