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Duane Stoltzfus – The Good of Goshen
by Marlys Weaver-Stoesz
In 2000, Goshen College offered Duane a position as a professor of communications. He and his wife, Karen, met each other during their college studies. Duane, Karen and their daughters, Emily and Kate, packed their possessions and moved to Goshen.
Duane loves the way the arts are continuing to gain momentum and quality in Goshen and the way his daughters were both able to participate in outstanding musical programs at Goshen High School, while also receiving strong educations. He’s elated about the amount of picturesque bike paths around the city. His appreciation for Goshen, though, is more about the balance he finds here.
“There’s so much about Goshen that I’d say is healthy for the body, mind and spirit,” he said.
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