Yard Sharing in Portland—Creating Community with a Tasty Twist


In the spirit of Earth Day, many Portland neighbors are heeding the call to dig up their front yards, parking strips and unimproved alleyways to prepare the soil and make way for vegetable gardens. This spring, you're sure to see plenty of delawning activity in green spaces across town. Some neighbors will do it themselves and others will get by with a little help from their friends. Yard sharing groups have sprung up all over Portland. These groups are committed not only to helping neighbors remove their lawns, but grow food, share space and create alternatives to the already popular CSA (community supported agriculture) model.

Yard sharing is trending right now in the world of urban agriculture, and our strong local movement is growing like, well, weeds. Local groups are eager to borrow a piece of your yard to grow food for you and your neighbors. But, reader beware: this is more than merely salad—yard sharing is all about creating community with a food production and distribution twist.

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