An interview with Silke Helfrich: “We have to reformulate the role of the state as enabler of the commons”

"So the commons, the very term of the commons, embeds the term of community and also networks which are the very subject of the commons. Communities and networks, managing and sharing collective resources which were given to us by nature, or which were produced collectively and not by only one person.

That means that at the very heart of the commons is the notion of social relationships. How do we relate to each other regarding the resource we have to share somehow because, as we know, in terms of natural resources, there are absolute limits. If you want to respect them, we have to limit access in a fair way. So the commons is about sustainability, sustainable use of natural resources and sharing in a fair way. It’s about sustainability, fairness and social control of the uses."

(click here read or listen to this interview by Rob Hopkins at the 2012 Degrowth Conference in Venice)