household economies

From Reliable Prosperity:

Consumption choices may lead us to a treadmill of high expenses, stressful work, and an inability to express our core values. We may trade wonderful time with family and friends — and simply being — for unnecessary things. We may move so quickly that we fail to use our values to guide our purchases and investments.

By examining household patterns of consumption and work it is possible to shift them towards alignment with core values. Dollars spent can be carefully calibrated against the time and stress incurred in earning them. It is possible to reclaim a sense of peace, of expansiveness, and of connection to the whole that is grounded in the awareness with which money, time, and resources flow through our lives.

Household economies build local assets by avoiding unnecessary consumption, saving effectively, and pursuing ownership strategies. These assets provide a buffer against difficult times, and can provide seed capital for new enterprises or career shifts. They can provide increasing levels of financial independence over time. Ultimately, household economies help stabilize and anchor local economies and allow capital to be held much more broadly and equitably.

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