sense of place

From Reliable Prosperity:

A sense of place takes many forms: annual festivals, fairs, gatherings; rituals; paintings, sculpture, and site art; gardens; local currencies and trading Systems; restaurants featuring regional and seasonal cuisine; crafts using local materials; buildings reflecting the changing seasons; songs, stories, and dances; plays and poetry; community bookstores, coffeehouses, and gathering places; essays and novels. A sense of place is built on acts as humble as a ramble in the woods or as grand as a day of Longhouse feasting.

A sense of place is also nourished by bioregional media sources — newspapers, magazines, websites, CD-ROMs, radio, and television — that cover the cultures and landscapes of a particular region. Such media tell the stories of local people and places, valuing them, honoring their complexities, creating opportunities to connect with them. They may be fast or slow, sophisticated or homespun. Bioregional media can help build local economies, honor cultural diversity, and provide access to knowledge.

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