“Yardsharing is an arrangement between people to share skills and gardening resources – space, time, strength, tools – in order to grow food as locally as possible, to make neighborhoods resilient, kids healthy and food much cheaper! The group can be friends, family, neighbors, members of a faith community (or any combination). Sometimes, older people lack stamina and are socially isolated; finding younger people to partner in growing food together works wonderfully for all.” - Liz McLellan, founder of Hyper-locavore


Yardsharing is the perfect combination of community gardening, local food, slow food, and social networking. Yardsharing has probably always been done on a small scale, but in the last while, it has become a growing (pun intended) trend in North America and Europe. Yard sharing connects someone with space for a garden but no time, ability or inclination to plant one with someone who has time to create a garden but no space – because, for instance, they live in an apartment. In return, the person with the space receives a share of the food the garden produces.


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